Total Master Plan System

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Total Master Plan System Overview

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1. Visual Balance Sheet

This is our collection and discovery phase. All of the "hard and soft" facts are gathered from your current personal, business and estate plans. These facts are then produced in a clear, understandable balance sheet of your current situation.

2. Crystallizing Objects

This is by far the most important driver of the entire Master Plan System. With a good foundation of all the facts, we try to identify exactly what your objectives are in each area of your planning.

3. Open Issues Discovery

Together we identify all of the possible issues taht could deter, stop, or erode the chance of meeting your desired objectives in each planning area. By understanding the obstacles, we can help you do what is needed to address them.

4. Strategy Implementation

Each open issue that we uncover as a concern to you will be addressed by exploring various options to "close" these open issues. We then help you implement these strategies to help navigate towards success in achieving your objective.

5. Review and Optimization

As you go through life, your situation and needs will inevitably change. That's why it's important for us to monitor your plan and make periodic adjustments. We will work with you through the years to help keep your program on track with your evolving needs.


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